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Company politics are reasonable price, wide range of products, as well as individual approach to each client.
Mutually beneficial cooperation terms and flexible discounts system allow us to be the best supplier you have ever had!

Andrese Soolaladu – the largest supplier of salt in Estonia and Baltic States.

The company Andrese Soolaladu was founded in 1991 as a part of the large international holding Andrese Grupp. The main activity of company Andrese Soolaladu is the wholesale of various types of salt in the Baltic States.

Many years of experience and a large number of loyal customers allow us to be stable for 30 years. The company’s annual turnover is about 40 000 tons of salt.

Andrese Soolaladu cooperates with many large transportation companies, therefore we can offer a fast delivery of the order upon requested period of time. The company Andrese Soolaladu clients are large fish- and meat-processing factories, bakeries, wholesale warehouses and certain industrial enterprises.

Andrese Soolaladu company cooperate with biggest salt producers from such countries as Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Poland, Turkrey and Cyprus. The disposal of the company Andrese Soolaladu are warehouses with total area of 7000 m2, which allows us to have significant amounts of salt.

Product categories


Salt is used both in the household and for general industrial purposes.


Soda is used in the food industry and as an universal cleaner.

Mineral supplements

Mineral supplements are used both in agriculture and as additives for the food industry.